Kumuyi to politicians: Consult widely before picking running mate in his arrival to Kwara State

General superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi has advised Nigerian political leaders to consult widely and conduct research before coming to conclusion on issue of Muslim-Muslim ticket or Christian-Christian tickets for the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Wednesday after meeting with Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, Kumuyi said that the presidential flag bearers should look at the heartbeat of the country and desires of the people before making their decisions.

“Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christan ticket is a difficult and slippery area. So, what I will say is that the political office holders should look at the heartbeat of the
country as well as the desires of the people.

“They should know that they are
not there for themselves. They are there for all of us. They should ask and do their research on what the country wants, what the people want and if they listen to the people, we will be confident that they will listen to us when they get there”, he said.

On the prevailing security challenges in the country, the clergyman applauded the security agents for doing their best.

 “By the grace of God I believe that the security agents are doing their best. We can always improve. In every area of life I will say there’s room for improvement. I want to credit the officers who are putting their lives on the line to secure the whole country. We should be praying for them that God will give them more wisdom and visible victory in the security of the country”.

The cleric, who said that his mission in Kwara state was meant to be a blessing to Kwara state, under special supernatural deliverance for everyone through Christ, added that “I’ll be praying for everyone at the end of every ministry for their desires, aspirations and blessings.

“God is our Creator, whether we are, Muslims or Christians or whatever religion you belong to. We are creatures of God. God is interested in blessing everyone. I’m here to be a blessing to everyone. There will be an empowerment programme for all youth across religious divides as it is meant to redirect the focus of the youth for positive future endeavours”.

Also speaking, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq noted that the empowerment programme of the church is a welcome development, adding that it is in line with the administration’s youth-focused agenda.

The governor, who informed that the state government set up a probe panel at the end of the #endsars protest, said that one of the recommendations of the panel was to pay more attention to the demands of the youth.


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